Arena agency regulation


1. Bookings

The reservation is confirmed only after the receipt of the deposit, that must be not less than 30% (Unless otherwise agreed) of the total amount of the booking . The deposit must be paid within 5 days of sending confirmation, otherwise it will be canceled and without any notice. If the agency receives the deposit over the expiry date and the booked apartment is no more available, the agency will look an alternative solution; If this is not possible or not welcome to the guest, the agency will reimburse the entire amount of the deposit, keeping any bank or postal charges incurred. The contract shows the type of accommodation that is rented and the total price of the rent. If the booking holder transfers it (with or) without notice or does not appear, the agency reserves the right not to accept it; in this case the booking will be considered null and lose the deposit paid. Any type of offer, is valid only for new bookings and not in case of change of booking.

2. Price

The agreed price includes the accommodation in good condition, complete with furniture, kitchen utensils, cutlery, crockery, cooker, fridge, blankets and pillows, gas and hot water consumption, electricity (unless otherwise stated Specified), commissions, as well as any need for intervention for small maintenance. The latter are executed within the shortest possible time, by qualified maintainers and authorized by the agency to enter the apartment even in the absence of the client (unless otherwise agreed). These actions are the responsibility of the Agency, unless they are directly attributable to the negligence of the guest. Failures and breaks must be reported to the agency immediately. The price includes routine final cleaning: it means re-arranging the apartment by the agency for the next guest; the outgoing client is obliged to keep the apartment clean as it was delivered to him (fridge freezing, no trash as well as furniture, beds and sofas moved and clean crockery). If the customer do that, the agency will keep the sum of € 50.00/€ 80,00 (it depends on the size of the apartment). Sheets and towels are not standard equipment in the apartment: they are provided separately upon request, with a surcharge.The price does not include also: tablecloths and napkins, toilet paper, detergents, general linens and insurance, any baby cot or additional bed, the possible introduction of the residence tax and all that is specified at For stays shorter than the week and on arrival or departure not on Saturdays, a surcharge may apply.

3. Availability of the accommodation

Check-in will be made at our office, via Adriatica 46 in Lignano Sabbiadoro. At the same moment, the customer will have to pay the balance of the total price and any security deposit (if required). The accommodation is available between 16:00 and 19:30 on the day of arrival and as soon as the exchange cleaning is not completed, the check-out with the return of the keys will always be at the Arena agency not after 10.00 o’clock on the day of departure (unless otherwise agreed). If the customer is not satisfy of the cleaning of the apartment, he must contact the agency within the hour following the delivery of the keys and no later than 6 pm; the agency will clean up the apartment (if after 18.00, the following morning). Deferred Arrivals require prior written agreements. In case of late arrival or early departure there is no refund.

4. Pets

Dogs, cats and pets are generally allowed in all the apartments, but the guest has to inform the agency at the moment of the request of the booking and  previously agreed upon. If the agency ascertains the presence of animals in apartments, where the same were not admitted or without prior request, it would immediately determine the termination of the contract without any refund. Animals cannot be left in the apartments unattended: this is to avoid possible damage to structures and disturbances to other clients; This condition is essential for pet owners (previously authorized by the Arena agency); this situation determines immediately the termination of the contract without any refund, imputing to the customer any material damage and cleaning. Pets are required at check-in: an additional charge of € 35,00 will be required for the pets; we just ask for more care in keeping clean, in respect of the guests that will follow.

5. Contract resolution

The guest must declare the number of the person; if there is a surplus of the people (including infants and children) and / or in case of serious disregard of condominium regulations (noisy noise of any nature, disturbance to the quiet of the condominiums, etc.), the agency may at its sole discretion terminate the contract without any refund, deduct from the security deposit (if requested) or demand payment, for any material damages caused to the apartment and / or the common condominium areas and the guest must leave the apartment. And for the reasons given in point 4. If the reservation owner is not present in the list of occupants, the agency can invalidate the reservation, retaining the deposit.

6. Booking cancellations

For cancellations made at least 30 days prior to the lease date, the Agency will return 50% of the deposit paid. If the guest cancels his booking before 1 month from the beginning of the rent,  he loses the total amount of the deposit.

7. Warnings

If the booked apartment should be not available due to force majeure, the client will be able to replace it with one with the same characteristics (or better); If this is not possible, the agency will return double the deposit received; if the customer accepts one of the above conditions, releases the agency from further charges, requests and / or claims from the customer. The condominium pools are open from the beginning of June until the first week of September. The Agency is not responsible for any damages in the event of malfunctioning of condominium installations such as lifts, centralized antennas, wi-fi and / or various automation systems, parking damage to parking spaces in the condominium areas and even if the parking space reserved for Apartment is occupied by other people; It is also stated that the agency is not required to solve problems resulting from numbered and unduly occupied  parking places. If the customer has a car that has a size that cannot be used for the assigned parking place, he must take care of himself and it is absolutely forbidden to block with his car other parking place already assigned. The definition of "condo parking" or "condominium parking" does not indicate that the parking space is guaranteed or numbered or assigned:  in this case this kind of buildings, have a number of parking lots lower than the number of the apartments. By the way, it is possible to park the car in the condo area showing the number of the apartment. About the description of the apartments: the double sofa beds do not necessarily have the size of a double bed. Sofa beds with drawer bed, instead, have a standard bed size. With the definition of double bedroom and double bed, in most cases it means to two single beds put together (and not a double mattress). We inform the standard electrical supply of apartments is 3.0 kWh: this limits the use at the same time of appliances, air conditioning, hair dryer, boiler. Any malfunctioning of electrical and / or electronic appliances such as dishwashers, air conditioners, washing machines (which must be repaired by specialized staff, mostly not available locally) require an intervention time which does not depend on the agency, which is not responsible to any reimbursement for non-performance of contract and / or damages of any kind and / or of any nature. The agency is not responsible too, for the disturbance that can be caused by any site near the property: the noise level and the working hours are defined by the municipal regulations. In case of delayed departure, or if the client brings the keys back to the agency, after 10.00 am (without prior agreement), it implies the payment of a penalty equal to one night and in the event that, on the day of departure, the client did not carry the keys until 11.30 am, the staff responsible for the agency, will release the apartment by bringing the client's assets to the agency, charging one night and the cost of the move. Regarding the delivery status of the apartment, if the customer is not satisfied (about the cleaning), please not personally arrange for the cleaning of the apartment and inform the agency, which will provide as fast as possible for customer satisfaction. The Agency may, upon request, show the accommodation to other persons during the guest stay.

8. Responsibility

The client should take care of the rented apartment and will be responsible for any breakages or damages to him imputable; It will also report failures and breaks to the agency until 12 noon the next day, otherwise the guest will be directly responsible for them. The agency is not responsible for the effects and valuables or money held by the client in the apartment.

9. Tourist tax

The reservation holder is responsible for the correct declaration of the number of people occupying the apartment.

10. Acceptance of the regulation

By confirming the booking and consequently sending the deposit, the customer declares to have read the Agency's regulations and to accept it in all its parts.